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Dr. Dave's Aspen Office
This winter, Dr. Dave has decided to offer treatments at an office in Aspen.  He is planning to resume the convenient mobile unit in the springtime.  So, if you want an appointment in Aspen, you will find that he is located at the Aspen Golf Course - Aspen Junior Golf Foundation, 39551 Highway 82, in Aspen, which is also known as Truscott Place. The Aspen office on 400 W. Main is now closed, but you can visit him in Aspen during his regular visits.  Dr. Dave does welcome walk-ins, but you will reduce your wait time by calling in and making an appointment.  Our number is still 970-279-4099.  



WIN Health's Glenwood Location

Dr. Dave invites you to visit him at his Glenwood Location.  The office is be co-located with Midland Fitness, which is behind Lowe's, just off of the intersection of Midland Avenue and  Wolfsuhn Road.  The address is 100 Midland Avenue, Suite 250.  Be sure to drop by to see Dr. Dave and his staff, and check out the Midland Fitness Clinic.  Dr. Dave is excited to be a part of a fitness operation, and believes that his patients will greatly benefit from the convenient location and the other fitness facilities that will be available nearby. Click here to view a map.

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Chiropractic Adjustments, Massage and Acupuncture in
Aspen, Basalt, and Glenwood Springs Colorado!

Feel Rejuvinated * Heal Aches and Pains
Make the most of your time in the valley.

Chiropractic Adjustments by the best chiropractic doctors in the valley, including massage treatments, diagnostic, education and training sessions which are all part of what we offer at the WIN Health Institute. We also offer therapeutic massage to round out a complete treatment for you, along with acupuncture treatments..

If you are a resident of the valley, or are here to enjoy the fabulous outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, golfing or fishing, there is nothing like a chiropractic treatment and a massage or an acupuncture treatment to put you back on the top of your game. We also offer specialty chiropractic services,such as Sports treatments and Family Chiropractic Services, as well as neuromuscular massage treatments.

We offer many great deals on our chiropractic and massage treatments. Be sure to look at other areas of our website for outstanding offers for the variouschiropracticmodalities.

The mainstay of the WIN Health Institute is our outstanding chiropractic Chiropractic adjustments are available at the WIN Institute.and massage services. What our patients and clients are saying:

(To Dr Dave) Thank you for giving me my hearing back!!

Let me share my story about my sudden hearing loss, targeting those with active lifestyles. The saying, “hear today…gone tomorrow” was my nightmare this winter. I experienced sudden hearing loss that was sensorial and could not be treated by hearing aids. Over a two day period my hearing suddenly was gone in my left ear. I immediately sought medical help. Otolaryngologists told me it may be permanent, but to try heavy doses of steroids to reduce any inflammation, over 2 months’ time. I had 2 weeks to save my auditory nerve, thus my hearing.  More....

(To Dr. Dave) Thank you again for everything!!!

When I learned that my previous scoliosis correction surgery was failing, due to broken hardware and pseudoarthrosis I spent 7 miserable months seeking the help of doctors in chronic pain. Feeling the loss of life's spirit was an understatement. A suggestion to visit Dr. Dave came at the perfect time! First a careful adjustment followed by a simple, real answer to all my questions, remove all hardware. His recommendation had gone against all other opinions I had been given but he assured me I would be pain free. Pairing Dr. Dave's aspiration with the notion that this was the only chance to free my body from instrumentation there was no questioning the right decision. After a successful surgery, weekly tune-ups, and my new love for gyrontics I am truly feeling better than ever! Recovery will continue to be a long road, with frustration and some discomfort but also with relief and a new me. I can't wait to see what else my new frame is capable of! Many thanks to Dr. Dave and everyone at the WIN! A.D.

(To Dr. Dave Jensen) "You did a magnificent job of putting together a holistic group....and your plan remains visionary" - J.S.

"Your therapists go above and beyond during our treatmentc sessions. Thank you for caring about my healing" - Amy.

"Thank you for taking such great care of my family. It was a fine "spa day". Most important was the discussion about A's condition and other choices. You jumped on the opportunity and moved the process to the next level" -Best Regards, B.

"Absolutely Fabulous! YOu have truly an excellent therapists! Thanks! - Kim S.

"Your massage therapy sessions are awesome! I come here regularly to get my body tuned up and find that the massages are relaxing and give me a sense of well-being" - D., Lakewood, CO

"The chiropractic and massage treatments thatI have received at the Basalt and Glenwood offices are simply the best. I would recommend the Institute's chiropractors and massage therapists to anyone who needs some healing care or just wants to relax." - S.M., Basalt, CO

"Wow. I injured a wrist from too much snow shoveling and found that the deep tissue massage therapy and chiropractic treatments quickly put me back in action. Thank you!" - K., Glenwood Springs, CO

"Thank you so much for the your patient handouts with informtion about stretches! I enjoyed meeting you and experiencing chiropractic and massage treatments for the first time. I like the combination of some techniques with a more active and focused healing approach. I spent the weekend sitting in theaters, so it was great to have stretches to do in between very little physical activity.

I'll try to plan out my Aspen trips ahead of time so I can schedule more appointments - massage especially! 

Thanks again," -
Mary Beth

(To WIN Healthl)   "I am having a beautiful time in London. It has been good that my Dad and I get some time together, and we have seen some wonderful plays. I have been doing gyro everyday, and have been enjoying it. It has been balancing and all of my time doing work with you has been incredible. Going to the office and doing that work is amazing. Everyday when I left I would feel so at peace and I find a bit of that peace every time I do gyrotonic.  I miss our sessions very much. I hope you are so well. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for all your support, and for just being you.
All the best," 

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Also, view new "Healthy Lifestyles" videos in our Video Library.  

Written by Dr David Jensen   
Just Released! The Thrival Theory

By Dr. Dave and Dee Jensen
Buy The Thrival Theory

This new book by Dr Dave and Dee comes just in time for an evaluation of the end of the Mayan Calendar, and responds to our general feeling of impending worldwide transformation.

Dr. Dave and Dee do not see this is as "the end', rather, it is a time of transformation and redefinition of our relationships to each other, and most significiantly, to ourselves.

So, take advantage of their insight into ways to thrive during the coming times.

This book is available immediately as an electronic copy, and will soon be offered as an E-Book and in Hardcopy format.

Please view the attached announcement for details.

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